Saturday, May 9, 2015

Child Brain is Precious

When new life arrives on this earth there are so many dimensions attached to it immediately within seconds. The boy or girl immediately gets family and relationships. There is love and affection. There is new bonding without any awareness of newcomer. Parents start dreaming about their child's future. They can foresee how their child is going to take his or her first step; the sound of first word and the joy of first smile.

All beautiful things in life are attached to  one process that is birth of one's child. People wait for years to see their young one to arrive in this world. If we consider if this is the most precious thing in so many peoples lives then we have to protect it with all means. The center-stage of this process is child's brain. If we protect the brain we preserve all our dreams. Without this precious organ of the body we loose all our functions. The brain is as delicate as the child itself is vulnerable to  so many things at the time of birth. If we can protect the brain from all bad things we can ensure that one's dream can come to reality.

Its very important to give respect to life and brain to unleash one's true potential. If you fail to protect brain at the very beginning then you have failed to protect your dreams. Without good brain their would not be child with smile, child who can run around or child destine to be achiever. We indulge in many unnecessary things in our lives, spend money on so many things and give importance to materialistic things. At the end one realizes that true gift of nature that your one child is nothing without power and abilities of his brain so be brave and protect this precious gift. The child brain is really precious!!!